Le Salon des Achats et de L'environnement de Travail



A space for a selection of young companies invited to present their exclusive new solutions.



Given the success of the edition 2017, we are expanding the Innovation Village to accommodate more young startups  French who will present their exclusive new solutions. The living room, in partnership with Workplace Magazine makes room for creativity and foresight by offering young business  French the opportunity to share their vision and expertise.

Selected on record, these startups and companies have a space on the Innovation Village. 
A strategic opportunity for these companies and for visitors in search of novelties.


Want to participate in the Innovation Village? 


Do not hesitate to contact us at 01 41 18 63 70 or by  email on the editorial team 








Biom Paris is creating a first range, bbb, a line of innovative, eco-designed design products inspired by nature and manufactured in France. Our first product, bbb La Brsse, the first eco-designed brush, combines efficiency in use, economic logic, social and environmental responsibility. Because nature has always known how to find solutions to problems, Biom Paris draws its inspiration from it to reinvent forgotten objects of everyday life, "left out of innovation", so that they correspond to needs and uses. Because innovation must not be limited to technology alone, Sandra Legel founded Biom Paris in March 2016 to break the codes of traditional industry and accelerate the French eco-industry with reinvented products.





Deskeo is the new way to rent workspaces! Deskeo offers tailor-made workspaces for the specific or permanent needs of companies. We offer a complete management offer adapted to each situation, whether it is the new HQ of La Republique En Marche or a personalised training centre for an organisation that welcomes more than 10,000 trainees per year. Choosing Deskeo means focusing fully on the development of your business!





Gaston the mobile gas station attendant, will fill you up with small services without having to travel. It fills up your vehicle with fuel, washes it and upgrades your fluids. With each intervention, enjoy a washed windshield, tyre pressure check and a complete visual check-up (windshield wipers, glazing, mirrors, mirrors, lights, tyres) at no extra cost. Gaston delivers where and when you want (on the street, in a car park, at the office). This service is available for individuals and professionals via our mobile application and website.






La Belle Brouette, invests in working environments and offers a design and compact "LABBoratoire" to discover what plants have to offer us in terms of well-being during a workshop or coffee break. The concept gives the employee the opportunity to adopt a plant to plant in an intelligent and progressive way the environment in which he works. With this plant LABBoratory, follow over time information that is themed and renewed at regular intervals by our teams! Explore our themes, our plants and compose your Wheelbarrow!






La Pause Baskets revolutionizes corporate sports. We offer 15 sporting activities of your choice, carried out within the company itself, without any equipment or dedicated room (a meeting room, a cafeteria or a rest room are sufficient), at times that are convenient for employees. Our sports courses are organised and run by an online platform so that the company has nothing to manage and the employees benefit from an experience equivalent to a personal coach.






To strengthen creativity and well-being at work, My Art is Rich is the digital platform for artistic talent and creative ideas. You express your need and in less than 48 hours you receive first proposals of ideas that will stimulate your projects: animation of your seminars, product launch, team-building, EC Christmas, mascots, embellishment of spaces, signed greetings cards, or motion designer, experienced photographer, etc...





Spendesk is an innovative SaaS purchasing management solution that allows employees to be valued and empowered while increasing efficiency. Spendesk manages purchase requests, provides a capped payment method to employees, and makes them more autonomous to pay online or in the field. All company expenses appear in real time, in the same place. Invoices are automatically retrieved, dematerialized and sent to your accounting software.