Le Salon des Achats et de L'environnement de Travail







The ARSEG Conferences


The event for professionals in the working environment.

Renowned professionals, personalities but also philosophers and professors address the major issues related to the working environment of companies. A rich program composed of several plenary sessions and debates to understand current and future developments.



Conferences, Round Tables, Debates, Expert Forums, Workshops:


To question, exchange, understand...

On the AGORA, NEW specific place open to all at the heart of the show, recognized speakers, short (45 minutes) or long (1h30) formats to better understand the issues and assimilate the consequences of changes in purchasing and the working environment.


3 main themes will be addressed:

- Professionalization and outsourcing of purchasing and general services


- Sustainable development today and tomorrow 









In view of the success of the 2018 edition, we are expanding the Village Innovations to welcome even more young French startups who will exclusively present their innovative solutions.

The show, in partnership with Workplace Magazine, gives way to creativity and foresight by offering young French companies the opportunity to share their vision and know-how.

A strategic opportunity for these companies and for visitors looking for new features.




                      - LE VILLAGE HAPPYTECH


HappyTech is a movement that aims to unite the actors who use technology to promote well-being in companies and to label start-ups and companies that bring added value in this field.

The French association acts as a real catalyst for wellness projects and thus supports companies towards "happy responsibility" to make France the world leader in wellness, bringing together the actors who use technology to promote wellness in companies.






This space within the Services area was created in partnership with Info Buro Mag and brings together experts who support companies in the digital transition. The players in printing, outsourcing, dematerialization, office automation and services will therefore be able to answer companies' questions and needs on this subject through an information cycle (training).

This information will take place on a mini agora placed at the heart of the ESPACE TRAITEMENT DES DOCUMENTS ET DIGITALISATION. A conference will also be held on the Central Agora to review developments in the digital transition in 2019. 




                       - LE VILLAGE DU BONHEUR AU TRAVAIL  


In this new space, concierge companies, crèches, sports halls, nap rooms, massage and relaxation companies will present their innovations in order to contribute to the well-being of employees in companies and communities.

An emerging trend with CHOs (Chief Happiness Officers), which succeeds the "well-being" or "quality of life at work" revealed by several studies, including the large-scale study conducted by Wildgoose, which confirms the correlation between economic performance and employee happiness at work (61% of employees state that they consider happiness and well-being at work to be more important than salary). 




                       - VILLAGE  E-ACHAT ET EXTERNALISATION


Created in partnership with La Lettre des Achats, this village will welcome the various players in e-procurement solutions and outsourcing to address the concerns of Purchasing Directors. The various speakers will be present at a round table on the Agora